Team Mint was founded after a few beers back in 2018. After som more beer, it was decided that the team would participate in the 2019 Giro d’Espoo. And there we went. And here we are.

The Team

The team consists of Thomas, Tero, Elias and Petri. Due to injuries and circumstances, only Thomas, Tero and Elias participated in the event.

It needs to be noted that the team is largely based on outside expertise – only Thomas works for Mint.

Tero, Thomas & Elias
Team Mint...
will return!
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Giro d'Espoo

Giro took place on sunday the 17:th of May 2019. A sunny and hot day in May. The route is approximately 110km’s and those looking at the scenery will surely be awarded. This year there were more than 800 participants. Cycling is a thing.

For more information, please visit their homepage:

Giro route 2019
Giro starting line
Giro Bike
Giro Thomas Goal

The results

We finished. Which was mostly expected, but still. Tero and Elias drove and finished in the 30km/h average speed group. Thomas the greenhorn started optimistically in the 28km/h speed group and finished in the 26km/h speed group

Giro 2019 results

A big thanks to the participants for riding in the awesome Mint Security driving apparel – and also thanks must include Petri who made sure there was cold beer available at the finish line. Special mention to Markus for keeping up the spirits and making sure we all still have something to aim for in the future. Like Mallorca or something.

Our wonderfully colorful Mint-Veracode apparel is hand-made in Scotland by Endura (#enduracustom). Have a look:

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