Virtual Risk Manager

Virtual Risk Manager in Brief

A virtual risk manager helps the organization to develop operational risk management processes and to identify risks. If the company already has an operational risk management organization, the virtual risk manager can act as an interpreter between the business operations and the IT risk management and assist to develop or introduce a common language and common processes.

What Mint Security Delivers

Mint Security’s virtual risk management concept includes writing or updating operational risk management documents, developing risk management processes, conducting risk survey workshops, identifying and analyzing risks, as well as compiling different reports. The virtual risk manager will work at the customer’s premises at agreed times and otherwise work remotely.

Customer Needs and Challenges to Be Solved

The first tasks may include a survey of the company’s operational risk management needs, a gap analysis of existing processes, or an interview study of how well the different parts of the organization understand the concept of operational risk. We customize a road map and the contents of the delivery according to the customer’s needs, because risk management should primarily be integrated into the company’s existing practices in order to get the best benefit out of it.

More Details about Our Methods and Tools

The virtual risk manager uses primarily the tools available at the client organization. Workshops where the client’s employees assess the risks in their own particular fields have proven to be a good method to assess risk. 

Elina Partanen

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Elina Partanen, at your service.

My background consists of work in the financial industry within operational risk management with focus on business continuity as well as program risk management. My long experience in IT as well as within software quality assurance serves me well in my job.

CRISC, ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer

Elina Partanen

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