Mint Security ja E2 tiedote

Mint Security and E2 Software join forces

During 2021 current and long-time E2 Software employee Juha Tamminen and Mint Security owners Thomas Malmberg and Elina Partanen will take over operative management of E2 software. Juha Strandman continues as a member of the board of E2 Software to support the new management.

16.6.2020 Domain Hijacking Webinar Spamhaus

Webinar: Domain hijacking – a prevalent problem

The threat landscape is constantly changing as cybercriminals continually try to avoid detection, and increase the number of legitimate resources they can utilize. Recently domain hijacking has become more prevalent. Every day this year, Spamhaus has observed over a 100 hijacked domains at one single domain registrar.


Mint Security to resell Spamhaus services

Mint Security starts to resell and support Spamhaus’s services in Finland. Block lists provided by Spamhaus protect 3 billion mailboxes every day. Spamhaus also operates in DNS services and BGP routers.


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