Mint Security and Spamhaus invite you to a joint webinar on Tuesday, June 16 at 15.00 – 16.00

Domain hijacking - a prevalent problem

The threat landscape is constantly changing as cybercriminals continually try to avoid detection, and increase the number of legitimate resources they can utilize.  Recently domain hijacking has become more prevalent.  Every day this year, Spamhaus has observed over a 100 hijacked domains at one single domain registrar.

Bad actors consider legitimate domains, with a positive reputation, to be an extremely useful resource.  What would you do if they hijacked your domain?  There are multiple ways they can do this, from DNS hijacking to sending fake emails to gain access to and owner’s registry account.  The consequences of a hijacked domain is significant, with a potentially long resolution period.

This is your chance to understand how big a problem domain hijacking currently is.  Join Mint Security and Spamhaus to discover real-life examples and get advice to help users and networks mitigate, detect and remediate against domain hijacking.

The presentation will be in English.

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