Mint Security

Mint Security offers consulting services to all areas of business where confidentiality, data security and cyber security – or the lack thereof – matters. Let’s get started before the costs don’t matter anymore. Be bold, contact us now. It makes no sense not to.

In a Nutshell

Our customers consist of businesses from the insurance and financial industry, e-commerce as well as software development, product development and testing companies. We put effort in knowing and caring about our customers. We deliver all of our expertise, honesty and commitment to our customers. We combine various strengths and strong view for the benefit of our customers. We are not afraid of telling how things are.

Our know-how is strongest in risk management information security standard and processes as well as überconsulting in different ares of information security. Our knowledge of security processes cover secure software development, incident management and planning and performing security auditing. DevOps and SecOps as well as secure architectures including log management as well as privileged user managment are part of our technical offering.

Everywhere is überconsulting.

Making things happen

Elina Partanen
Elina Partanen
Process and Risk Specialist (CRISC, ISO 27001 LI) (Owner)
Jari Jääskelä
Jari Jääskelä
Saku Tuominen
Saku Tuominen
IT Security & Privacy Specialist (CISSP, CCSK & ISO27001 IA)
Jarmo Puttonen
Jarmo Puttonen
Hacker (OSCE, OSCP)
Raimo Raski
Raimo Raski
Security & SIEM Consultant (CISA, eJPT)
Thomas Malmberg
Thomas Malmberg
Security & IT-Risk Consultant (CRISC & CISA) (Founder & Owner)


European Central Bank


Our employees have extensive experience from the financial industry. We know the regulation and your challenges. Be it large- or small scale, We have the solutions.

Service Providers

Whether you provide "Something as a Service", deliver custom applications or things out-of-the-box your customers want to know that the results and the surrounding processes are going to be secure.


Industry is anything from nuclear power plants to moonraker manufacturing. Your business may be large, and we may look small - but no worries, there are things we do better than others.

Product Development

Your products is your business. You need to secure your environments and your tools as well as produce good results with measurable security.

Business street

Retail & Logistics

Preserve your reputation, your competitiveness, and the integrity of your customers’ personal and financial data.

Software Development

It it looks like agile and smells like agile then it surely is agile. Agile does not mean insecure, but how can that be ensured?

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