Auditing in short

Auditing means many things. For us, it means customized reviews of systems, environments and processes for our customers. In addition to listening to what the customers are interested in, we also tell the customers what they should be interested in. This is how a rational auditing program is created.

What Mint Security delivers

Together with the customer we start the audit by getting to know the entire system we are supposed to examine. Based on this, we decide on the scope, limitations and preconditions for the audit. Before we launch the audit, we also decide on the delivery format and scope of the final report.

The first part of the delivery is a schedule and a detailed audit plan.

The second part of the delivery is a report. The report includes all observations, results, interviews, and recommendations for action.

The checkpoints of the auditing system covers:

  • Administrative data security
  • Technical data security
  • Risk management
  • Continuity
  • Contingency planning
  • Follow-up and monitoring
  • The processes that support the operations

After the audit, the report, outcomes, deviations and recommendations for action are reviewed with the customer. Based on the recommended measures, a plan of action can be prepared – which issues are to be fixed, how, by whom, and according to what timetable? At the same time, a follow-up to the action plan can be agreed upon.

Customer needs and challenges to be solved

The objectives for the audit software are aligned to needs of the customers. At least one of the following will always be needed:

  • Minimizing the possibility of a data breach
  • Minimizing the possibility of data loss
  • Minimizing vulnerable surfaces
  • Improving system security and risk management
  • Improving contingency planning, continuity and manageability
  • Increasing the credibility and reliability of operations and services

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