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Accurately identify security threats

Hundreds of security teams around the world rely on AlphaSOC to uncover malware, data exfiltration, and policy violations within their networks. Our cloud and on-premise analytics tools instantly provide actionable alerts.

Analytics tools

Our Splunk applications instantly score network logs to identify emerging threats and anomalies within networks. Non-Splunk users can access our API directly and create custom integrations with our SDK.

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Achieve Network Visibility

AlphaSOC users submit telemetry from network sources including firewalls, web proxies, DNS servers, and intrusion detection systems.

Uncover Emerging Threats

The Analytics Engine performs multi-dimensional processing of network telemetry to highlight anomalies and bring them to your attention.

Work with High Fidelity

Security teams use our integrations for SIEM and SOAR platforms to escalate high fidelity, actionable alerts for triage and threat hunting purposes.

Threat Hunter
Find threats in your network. Create alerts. Be on top of all the things happening North-South.
Policy Violations
Find shadow IT like rogue VPN's and unauthorized remote access software. Act on issues or be aware of risk. You choose.
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Featured blogs

AlphaSOC Network Flight Recorder
Chris McNab

Uncover Detection Blindspots with Network Flight Simulator

Today at AlphaSOC we released Network Flight Simulator (flightsim) 2.2.1, which is our free, open source adversary simulation tool. This latest release includes a number of new modules that security teams can use to instantly evaluate detection and response coverage within SIEM and SOAR tools.

AlphaSOC - running an on-prem AE server

Different AlphaSOC deployment options

“The cloud!” somebody shouts out loud. “This means my data is sent to the cloud – my precious telemetry data that in the hands of the bad guys could reveal too much about myself!”. This is correct. And for the sake of transparency, let’s have a look at what actually goes on behind the scenes.

Chris McNab

Automating the Hunt

Through Network Behavior Analytics for Splunk and our native integrations for Demisto and Graylog, we instantly enrich network indicators (FQDNs, URLs, and IP addresses) to provide security teams with hunting material.


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