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Grow up. Formalize and show what you already might be doing correctly. Adhere to standards and regulation.

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We scanned Koronavilkku – these are our findings

We at Mint Security wanted to have a look at the Koronavilkku application and pitch in. The application proved to be of very high quality securitywise. There were no significant security findings.

Redteaming - Search Engine
Security Testing

Red Teaming and Recon

Recon and red teaming can be done separately, but they also work hand in hand. It may be a good idea for a company to do a thorough recon to understand the adversaries view on the organization – and this not only in the technical sense.

Veracode Security Labs - user management

Veracode Security Labs

Developers are, in effect, the only people in any organization who can fix vulnerabilities hidden in their applications. Veracode Security Labs helps meet the requirements of security standards while providing a meaningful way for the entire development team to learn more.

Holm Security - Latest Scans
Holm Security

Holm Security VMP and ISO 27001

How much common ground is shared between technical vulnerability scanners and the de facto global information security standard? Quite a lot, actually. In this blog post we examine how Holm Security VMP platform meets ISO 27001 requirements for detecting vulnerabilities in an organization’s information systems, assessing the involved risks and taking corrective actions.

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