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Auditing & Security Testing

Identify and manage risk. Verify your security controls. Test your systems.

Administrative Security & Risk Management

Grow up. Formalize and show what you already might be doing correctly. Adhere to standards and regulation.

Software Development Security

Create better and more secure software. Find a security champion. Enable your team.

Cyber, SecOps & Architectures

The thrill of Cyber. Solutions for the technically minded. Secure Operations.

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Holm Security cloud scanning
Holm Security

Secure Your Cloud with Holm Security

Cloud Scanning -toiminto on Holm Securityn haavoittuvuuksienhallinnan uusi ominaisuus, joka automatisoi riskien tunnistamisen pilvi-infrastruktuureissa. Uusi toiminto kattaa Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) ja Platform as a Service (PaaS) -palvelumallit.

security.txt RFC9116

RFC9116 & security.txt – what, why and how

Having a security.txt in the root (/) folder of your website has long been a good practice. The contents of the file has been very free. What started out as a novel and great idea, is now an RFC. Let’s look a bit closer.

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