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Auditing & IT-Risk Management

Identify and manage risk. Verify your security controls.

Cyber, SecOps & Architectures

The thrill of Cyber. Solutions for the technically minded. Secure Operations.

Software Development Security

Create better and more secure software. Find a security champion. Enable your team.

Process & Administrative Security

Grow up. Formalize and show what you already might be doing correctly. Adhere to standards and regulation.

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Writing requirements

ISO 27001 – Essential requirements

All organizations are unique in their security needs and capabilities, and ISO 27001 does not seek to change that fact. The standard guides the adoption of appropriate processes and practices to improve, clarify, and maintain information security as an integral part of day-to-day operations.

Saku performing a security review
Security Testing

Security review

Do you need independent experts’ assessment of the general security aspects of your application or system? How about a comparable benchmark for the level of your application’s overall security practices?


Risk management and ISO 27001

Do you seek ISO 27001 compliance? Thomas has blogged about starting points for ISO 27001 certification project. This blog unwraps the importance of risk management in pursuit of ISO 27001 certification.

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