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Auditing & Security Testing

Identify and manage risk. Verify your security controls. Test your systems.

Administrative Security & Risk Management

Grow up. Formalize and show what you already might be doing correctly. Adhere to standards and regulation.

Software Development Security

Create better and more secure software. Find a security champion. Enable your team.

Cyber, SecOps & Architectures

The thrill of Cyber. Solutions for the technically minded. Secure Operations.

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News & Blogs

security.txt RFC9116

RFC9116 & security.txt – what, why and how

Having a security.txt in the root (/) folder of your website has long been a good practice. The contents of the file has been very free. What started out as a novel and great idea, is now an RFC. Let’s look a bit closer.

Developing and coding

 How does a virtual CISO work?

vCISO.n ensimmäisiin tehtäviin kuuluu yleensä kartoittaa yrityksen oikeita tietoturvatarpeita, tutustua yritykseen ja sen liiketoimintaan. Hyvin nopesti syntyy näkemys ilmeisistä uhkista ja uhkamalleista, joihin saadaan analyyttisellä lähestymisellä nopeita ratkaisuja.

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