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Auditing & Security Testing

Identify and manage risk. Verify your security controls. Test your systems.

Administrative Security & Risk Management

Grow up. Formalize and show what you already might be doing correctly. Adhere to standards and regulation.

Software Development Security

Create better and more secure software. Find a security champion. Enable your team.

Cyber, SecOps & Architectures

The thrill of Cyber. Solutions for the technically minded. Secure Operations.

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News & Blogs

Splunk vulnerabilities and trust boundaries blo

Splunk vulnerability analysis – CVE-2024-29946 & CVE-2024-29945

Splunk vulnerability analysis – CVE-2024-29946 & CVE-2024-29945 in relation to a common threat model. DISCLAIMER – The author of this blog shall not be held responsible for any negative outcomes that may occur as a result of following advice given in this blog. Caveat emptor – use advice and ideas presented in this blog at your own risk.

Case: How we helped achieve ISO 27001 certification

This is a case-study about the certification path of, a very small startup company, its SaaS product and high ambitions aiming towards a global market. encountered the same issues so many others have faced before and will in the future – the dreaded procurement Excel-sheets with seemingly endless amounts of security requirements that need to be addressed before any business deals can go ahead.

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