The ever-increasing costs of investigation and recovery of security issues, as well as the potential damage to the company brand, are challenges to be solved.

Why would I consider a virtual CISO?

In the light of ongoing news about security breaches and other security issues there is an increasing demand for security. Security issues are often frightening and difficult to mitigate, or security is made so complex that it hurts the business.

Help may be needed in several areas

  • Brings clarity to security jargon
  • End customers demand security and fulfilling of endless Excel sheets – and first, understanding them
  • Missing security strategy
  • Security management system is unclear, ISMS unfamiliar and ISO 27001 heard of in rumors
  • Clarify the company’s security package – where we are and where we should go
  • Help taking control of GRC as a whole
When a company realizes the need for security, getting started can be tricky especially in smaller organizations. With vCISO, you have easy access to safe and convenient business models.
Many companies are already doing security in many different ways, and at some point it will be seen that more investment in security is needed to help growth. vCISO can help a company in the growth phase with efficient processes and a management system that support the company's growth and potentially prepare it to hire its own security manager.
Security managers and executives, like other employees, can leave the organization and hiring new people on this level is often challenging. vCISO is a great way to get help with a temporary situation, take care of an organization’s needs, and possibly also help fulfilling the new permanent role.

How can virtual CISO help?

The first tasks of vCISO are usually to map the company’s real security needs, get to know the company and its business. A vision of obvious threats and threat models will emerge very quickly, for which rapid solutions can be found through an analytical approach.

Creating a safe work environment and culture is often very laborious. The vCISO service quickly reaches an effective state. Ready-made operating models and experience from many different organizations makes vCISO efficient, while always taking into account the customer’s needs.

The vCISO service can be the company’s first step towards a modern and efficient data security. In a larger organization, it can act as temporary support in various organizational discontinuity occasions.

Whatever the state of security and its needs are in your organization, vCISO can help.


The grateful payoff

The vCISO service invariably becomes cheaper and more useful than hacking, suspected hacking and reconnaissance. It’s not always just about losing sensitive data or destroying customer systems, it’s about getting back to a normal daily routine that always requires a considerable amount of work and resources.

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