Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO in Brief

One of the first tasks that a virtual CISO normally takes on is to survey the company’s security needs. The advantage compared to a full-time security manager – in addition to cost effectiveness and flexibility – is the ability for the company to better profile the desired activity and competence. Even a small company can gain trustworthiness of the role that a CISO performs.

What Mint Security delivers

A virtual CISO creates the basis for a security strategy and produces the basic processes and a roadmap. Abbreviations and concepts as well as standards and ready-to-use process templates makes it possible to get a head start in a very short time. In the long run the implementation of security frameworks can be broadened and deepened.

Customer Needs and Challenges to Be Solved

A virtual CISO can be a significant step for your company – a step towards better and modern security, cyber security.

Creating a security policy is an arduous process. By employing a virtual CISO a company can quickly reach a good security level thanks to common templates and models that can effectively be taken into use – all in compliance with common standards.

My philosophy

Information transfer is strongly related to the concept of a virtual CISO. The goal is to give the company the ability to act independently and conduct security and risk management by itself. The virtual CISO assists in acquisitions related to security and projects that traditionally are perceived as both expensive as well as cumbersome. These activities are for example audits and system checks. Different purchase processes are enriched with new perspectives and viewpoints.

The virtual CISO is not part of the personnel within the company. This enables the role to be as neutral as possible and to assess the current situation and to bring in fresh and new ideas. The virtual CISO is secure in his or her role and does not represent any specific products or particular ideologies.

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