Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO in brief

The amount of information is growing exponentially and so is the need to secure it. A virtual security manager – more commonly known as vCISO – is the go-to player and playmaker for small and why not bigger companies, when it comes to security.

Security should support business and vCISO is often the best and easiest way for a small organization to approach this problem. Internally, expertise and leadership are needed. On the other hand, we want to send out a message of credibility.

The vCISO service brings the role and expertise of a security manager to an organization with the appropriate input. In addition to cost efficiency and flexibility, the desired operation and competence profile can be more accurately defined.

The role and service of vCISO requires a lot of experience, continuous learning, the ability to take responsibility, and keep the organization, as well as the vCISO, ahead of the attackers and their latest technologies.


vCISO has more extensive experience than full-time security managers.
vCISO has served in Chief Security Officer and CISO roles in a number of different organizations, gathering experience and functional models for all kinds of situations. vCISO has a dedicated background team and network at immediate disposal and is able to extract solutions extensively.


vCISO is available for as much is required, and when required. Workloads and working times adjust to Your needs.


vCISO grows with the organization and its needs. Projects, certifications, audits, customer cases all require their own input. vCISO will also be able to delegate tasks to the backing team as needed.

Bang for the buck

Demand and costs for hired security managers and CISOs are growing at a very rapid pace.
The annual costs of a hired resource can easily reach six figures. vCISO remains at your support for as long as needed. The number of tasks determine the costs.

Virtually there

No desk or equipment required. vCISO is ready for operation.
vCISO works with modern video conferencing and organization’s other tools, or on-site to provide support with physical presence.

Our offering

We provide vCISO services for various needs.

  • Brings substance expertise and clarity to the jargon of information security
  • Masters threat modeling, cyber and IT risk management, and incident management
  • Understands and supports the business
  • Creates a framework for security strategy
  • Produce the necessary processes and documentation
  • Lays the groundwork for security management system, or pushes it forward
  • Helps with secure technology solutions
  • Assists in secure software and product development
  • Clarify the company’s needs in the long run and create a roadmap to achieve them
  • Knows GRC as a whole

If the company’s goal is to strive in operating lightly without a security manager, vCISO can provide the company with a required framework and ability to operate independently, and manage information security and risks on its own when ready. The tasks of the vCISO include the transfer of information to and within the company and, through this, ensuring operational capability.

Developing and coding

 How does a virtual CISO work?

The first tasks of vCISO are usually to map the company’s real security needs, get to know the company and its business. A vision of obvious threats and threat models will emerge very quickly, for which rapid solutions can be found through an analytical approach.

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Who are we?

Our background is in extensive technology and consulting experience. At the forefront is our experience of security management and security expertise. Risk-oriented professionals who also know ISMS as a whole.

Service available in three languages — Finnish, Swedish and English.

Working in the profession requires good manners. We operate in accordance with the principles of information governance and security, and adhere to the globally accepted and industry standard practices.

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