SIEM & Log Management

SIEM & Log Management in Brief

Situational picture is one of the biggest “hype words” at the moment. Most simply, situational picture is a graphic presentation generated out of a few log sources. At its best, a situational picture includes application logs, data communication logs, customer feedback systems, ticketing systems, as well as public news sources and possibly much more. Building and buying a situational picture is challenging; mapping and defining needs, and deciding what’s “good enough” is a cumbersome process.

What Mint Security delivers

We help identify the initial needs. If necessary, we also perform installations in challenging and complex environments. We design the log management architecture from the point of view of performance, redundancy, log protection, as well as security. With regard to the protection of logs, it is essential who has access to which log.

In audit logs, our expertise is based on the demanding environments in the financial sector – our expertise is scalable.

Customer Needs and Challenges to Be Solved

Every customer environment is different and each customer has individual needs. However, the challenges we face can be roughly categorized as follows:

  • Situational picture of the data security devices
  • Situational picture of the infrastructure
  • Situational picture of the SecDevOps environment
  • Run-time logs for systems software
  • Conformity and audit logs
  • Measuring the application development environment and software security
  • Integrating log observations in JIRA

More details about our methods and tools

We are hard-core Splunk experts. However, our expertise is not product-specific, but relying on our experience, we can conjure up views in big log data in any environment.

Below are some screenshots of actual (and anonymized) log analysis.


Splunk on yksi suosituimmista ja suurimmista lokienhallintatoimittajista tänä päivänä. Splunk on laajasti käytössä oleva ratkaisu, ja siihen on olemassa laajennuksia sekä tavallisiin että erittäin eksoottisiin käyttötarkoituksiin. Splunk laajenee valtaviin tietomääriin.