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Spamhaus is the trusted authority on threat intelligence data, with over two decades of experience. This experience, the quality and accuracy of data, alongside our robust infrastructure, is what sets us apart.

Data from Spamhaus protects and provides insight across networks and email worldwide. Spamhaus’ datasets are used by leading global technology companies, internet service providers and hosting companies, among others. 

Keep ahead of the threat

By identifying spammers, bot herders and cyber criminals, Spamhaus protects over three billion mailboxes worldwide, every day. Reputation-based threat intelligence in an essential element of multi-layered security.

Email is mission critical to all businesses and organizations, retaining a unique position as the most common communication tool across the internet. However its widespread use makes it a key channel for cyber criminals to take advantage of your data, your money and your networks. For more than a decade we have been helping organizations protect against such activity through our reputation-based threat intelligence.

You need to trust your connections online and with Spamhaus data, you have a first line of defense advising you of the reputation of email entering your network

Spamhaus - features
Spamhaus product overview
3 million

domains assessed
18,000 malware samples
processed every day

9 billion

SMTP connections
analyzed daily


of heuristics are used to
identify the safe from the
potentially malicious

12 million

botnet nodes listed

3 billion+

mailboxes are
protected globally

Featured blogs

16.6.2020 Domain Hijacking Webinar Spamhaus

Webinar: Domain hijacking – a prevalent problem

The threat landscape is constantly changing as cybercriminals continually try to avoid detection, and increase the number of legitimate resources they can utilize. Recently domain hijacking has become more prevalent. Every day this year, Spamhaus has observed over a 100 hijacked domains at one single domain registrar.

Tapio Särkelä

Mint Security to resell Spamhaus services

Mint Security starts to resell and support Spamhaus’s services in Finland. Block lists provided by Spamhaus protect 3 billion mailboxes every day. Spamhaus also operates in DNS services and BGP routers.


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