The effects of Corona spares no one (*. We are all affected, both larger and smaller companies and businesses. As far as the virus goes, we here at Mint are fully operational and workwise the probability of getting sick is smaller than for many others.

Why? We are an officeless company where each and everyone works from hisher own home office using hisher own equipment.  We only occasionally work on customer premises hence we were able to react immediately to the situation – our business is not built upon physical presence. This way of working is thus not new to us; we are not training how to work remotely and we are not monitoring our VPN gateway performance. It performs just as it did before. Actually, there are two of them just in case, geographically separated (again, just in case).

But. The stock tickers are scrolling on the wall spewing double digit negatives daily. This affects our operations largely. The market is withdrawing into a shell. Our normal day to day way of working continues uninterrupted, but the to-do list gets shorter every day. 

*)As a matter of fact, it is probable that there is no Corona in Queen Mauds land. Travelling there currently is not easy, but when the time comes for you or your team to have some slacking time, have a look here: General travel instructions to Antarctica in these dire times can be found here Although it is not prohibited to travel there currently, let’s not. Let’s be responsible and respectful and not spread the virus.

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