Finishing its third full year of business, Mint Security aimed for steady growth and to renew its brand.

Among the strongest

Mint Security’s turnover increased significantly in 2018 almost doubling from 455k€ in 2017 to 806k€. The increased turnover is largely a result of adding one full time employee and increasing cooperation with external penetration testers. Despite growing operational costs, a net result of 108k€ was achieved – exactly the same as in 2017. Mint Security was ranked as AA+ by Asiakastieto and therefore part of “Finlands Strongest” (Suomen vahvimmat).

Branding and überconsulting

The new brand “überconsulting” was launched in October at our 3 year celebration which was held in Helsinki for customers and partners. Our new modern look has gained positive feedback. Our website is in an important role when communicating our expertise and mission – it must leave visitors with a strong notion of trustworthiness.

“We are small but strong. Our strengths come from expert individuals and their experience. Our goal is to just “make it happen” – without bothering the customer too much. Instead, our customers should constantly be suprised of our performance and our ability for self-guidance”, says Thomas Malmberg, MD of Mint Security

A big thanks for our good result in 2018 goes out to our excited and efficient employees as well as to our customers who are willing to give us a lot of responsibilities and room to operate – a show of trust. With good cooperation we have managed to climb towards the top – sometimes faster sometimes slower, but at a very steadfast pace.,


The goal for 2019 is to continue with our consulting business with the same rigour and decisiveness as we have until now but also put significant efforts in making Veracode known in the Finnish and scandinavian market. 

“A product is never considered a silver bullet or a final solution for us, but if the market is unaware of a great tool then all potential benefits of using Veracode are lost – for everyone”, Thomas summarizes.

In 2019 the level of performance will be increased further and by continuing to grow Mint Security will be able to provide even more added value to our current and future customers. 

We walk the walk and talk the talk.

Team Mint Security
Vasemmalta: Elina, Thomas, Saku ja Teemu

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